Serving our heritage

The Atelier Simon-Marq carries out all kinds of work relating to the conservation of historic stained glass windows. Though we strictly apply traditional methods, we also keep a close eye on how processes evolve.


Restoration work always begins with an expert assessment of what needs to be done. As well as assessing the condition of the stained glass panes themselves, the metal components and stonework have to be analysed. Our job is to enable old stained glass to withstand the effects of wind, rain, variations in temperature and air pollution over time.


Glass is a fragile material that suffers many ills: it is sensitive to the wind, to rain, and to variations in temperature. It is also affected by air pollution and by the sulphates and silicates contained in rainwater.


If inadequately maintained, the metal components deteriorate and must be replaced by qualified craftspeople.
The metal framework is held within the stone window surround by mortar, which is a point of fragility that has to be monitored, maintained and repaired.


As well as standard restoration and cleaning work, for the past few decades stained glass windows have often been protected by encapsulating them within glazed panels that replicate the pattern of the lead cames.

examples of work sites

Restauration Restauration Restauration

Rose window of Saint Stephen’s cathedral

2020-2021, Metz

Restauration Restauration

Bibliothèque Carnégie

2018, Reims

Restauration Restauration


2017-2018, Reims

Église Saint-Gildard

2017-2018, Longuesse

Restauration Restauration

Église Saint-André

2015, Reims

Restauration Restauration

Basilique Saint-Remi

2013, Monument Historique, Reims

Restauration Restauration

Villa Demoiselle

2007, Reims