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Nestled in the shadow of the Cathedral, the walls that house Atelier SIMON MARQ provide a unique tool: two enormous rooms for design and hanging whose high ceilings and 6m high glass roof provides space for large scale work, several rooms for manufacturing, an oven, an engraving cubicle, a sandblasting cubicle and a labyrinth of cellars where all the glass is stored.

The quality of the work also stems from the careful selection of glass and colours that are tailor-made to radiate the designs’ wealth and subtleties. The workshop therefore has a collection enriched by collaborations with great artists – Marc Chagall in particular – and 1200 colours in stock of the original glass used for each piece in case of repairs and restoration work.

This system has enabled it to compile the current largest collection of antique glass, most of which is no longer made. 

Atelier SIMON MARQ’s expertise can be seen in both public and private commissions: stained glass window restoration, creation of modern glass, architecture, interior design, decorative artworks and pieces (lamps, screens etc.).